Safety Tip if you plan to dig a hole in your yard!!!!

Before you dig a hole for that fence post or that new fruit tree,

find out what lies underneath your yard.

Did you know you are required to notify business owners of underground utilities

at least two days in advance of digging a hole.

This is law in Oregon and Washington.

Fortunately the utilities make it easy.

Simply call ONE-CALL CENTER. The service is FREE.

The center will notify the utilities to send representatives

who will locate and mark the underground lines:

Electric (red)
Gas / Oil / Steam (yellow)
Communication / CATV (orange)
Water (blue)
Sewer (green)
Temporary Survey Markings (pink)
Proposed Excavation (white)

It could be the fiber optic system that links your home phone and computer

to the rest of the world.

Or it could be electrical wiring or the service line that brings natural gas into your home.

Whatever it is, you are responsible for any damage if you dig without calling first.

In the Portland metro area, call 503-246-6699.

Elsewhere in Oregon, call 1-800-332-2344.

In Clark County, call 360-696-4848.

Elsewhere in Washington, call 1-800-424-5555