Top 10 items (plus extras on a later safety message)

The basic 10 survival items list courtesy of Mazamas:

1. Clothing: "Overdress. You can always take it off and carry it." "Head-to-toe Gore-Tex, and warm-when-wet clothing under that."

2. Knife. "Two knives are better than one."

3. Matches. "There's only one kind to take the Diamond wooden Strike Anywhere kitchen matches." Carry in a waterproof container, with sandpaper to strike on.

4. Fire starter. Tear off a piece of bandana, rub wax into it from a candle, and light it.

5. Map of the area.

6. Compass. "Learn to use it and believe it."

7. Food and water.

8. Sun protection.

9. Flashlight, extra batteries.

10. First aid kit.