Ladder Safety
Choose Right
When choosing a ladder, do-it-yourselfers must consider the project and the materials. If they plan to use heavy materials, they will need a different class of ladder. Industrial ladders are for 250 pounds; heavy-duty industrial, 375 pounds; commercial 225 pounds; and household, 200 pounds.

Get Approval
The ladder you choose should have a seal of approval on it.

Keep It Level
When using a ladder, stand it on firm and even ground.

1-2-3 - Hips!
Keep your hips (or your belt buckle) inside the ladder's rails and keep 3 points of contact (2 hands and 1 foot, 2 feet and 1 hand) on the ladder at all times.

Use the 1-4 Ratio
Adjust the bottom of an extension ladder 1 foot away from the wall for every 4 feet the ladder is raised.

Heave Ho
Carry tools on a belt of use a rope to lower or raise them. When carrying a ladder, carry it in the middle and keep it parallel to the ground.

Use Common Sense
Don't climb higher than the third rung from the top on extension ladders or the second rung from the top on stepladders.

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